Branding: Strategy, Verbal Universe, Visual Identity, Graphic Design
Porto Alegre/RS — Brasil
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Sultécnica, a manufacturer of precision machined components, has always been clear that it does much more than just parts: it enables the operation of solutions that will be part of people's lives. The 30 years served as a milestone to restructure the brand's strategy, its visual identity and verbal expression to more clearly represent its values ​​and the company's strong trajectory. Inspired by Sultécnica's prudence and precision, the system works with axes that adapt according to the application. Furthermore, the axes also refer to the "+" sign, a symbol for the sum between Sultécnica and its customers. The elements come to life in 3D, representing the ideas that, through these partnerships, materialize and become reality. The tagline "New possibilities, one piece at a time" summarizes the positioning of a company focused on the future, with care for relationships and responsibility in its role in the world.​​​​​​​
Creative Director: Felipe B. Amaral
Strategy Team: Bianca Groff, Ana Beatriz Nunes
Verbal Universe: Maria Eduarda Gandara
Design Team: Ricardo Franco, Nicolas Odorizi, Ana Beatriz Nunes
Motion: Ricardo Franco, Nicolas Odorizi
3D: Ricardo Franco
Video: Moropolo Studio
Logotype Refinement: Sauê Ferlauto
Case Study Presentation: Ricardo Franco, Nicolas Odorizi
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