Branding: Strategy, Naming, Verbal Universe, Visual Identity, Graphic Design, Packaging
Porto Alegre/RS — Brasil
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Brasil Design Awards, 2023
Branding / Naming  Bronze
Branding / Voice  Bronze
Packaging / Mass Consumption  Bronze
A new brewery from Campinas (SP), but with its soul in the streets! Free, light and loose. Ruera represents the passion for restlessness, for experimentation and for being outside – from bar to bar, from street to street, with good sips and good stories to tell. It is a beer of experiences with a thirst for new stories. The project was developed based on this solid strategy that clearly unfolded in the other phases of verbal and visual creation. The graphic design of the brand represents the essence of RuErA, in which, through a simple analogy, the logo (based on the collage of different letter designs) represents different people, each with their personal experiences, mixed in the streets.
​​​​​​​Bringing the RuerA's soul to the packaging, the labels show the way streets communicate with anyone who walks through them: by posters on the walls. In them, the illustrations overlap and interact with the content, representing a dialogue between people and beer. In this way, whoever experiences the labels, is metaphorically transported to a walk through the streets.
Creative Director: Felipe B. Amaral
Strategy Director: Natália Athayde Porto
Strategy Team: Natália Athayde Porto, Ana Beatriz Nunes
Naming & Verbal Universe: Natália Athayde Porto, Isadora Aquini, Maria Eduarda Gandara, Pedro Mostardeiro
Design Team: Ana Beatriz Nunes, Ricardo Franco
Illustration: Laura Salvaterra
Logotype Refinement: Sauê Ferlauto
Photography: Duda Bussolin (Moropolo Studio)
Retouch: Carlo Barros
Videomakers: Lukas Barreto, Daniel Massa
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