Roister – Limited Edition
Limited Edition: Packaging, Graphic Design, Illustration
Porto Alegre/RS — Brasil
Copyright © 2022
​​​​​​Brasil Design Awards, 2023
Packaging / Limited Edition  Bronze
Roister is a restaurant located in Porto Alegre (RS) that revolves around the central concept of "Food and Beer Culture". It's gastronomic menu draws inspiration from the New American Cuisine concept, a movement that represents the modernization of traditional American cuisine, featuring sophisticated dishes served within a contemporary culinary setting.

With the establishment of Roister's own brewery, a new line of limited edition brand beers was introduced. The intention was to capture the same balance between tradition and innovation already present in the kitchen, as the beers from the brand combine the mashing lines of the German School – classic – and the American School – innovative. As a result, the new labels represent this balance.
Creative Director: Felipe B. Amaral
Design Team: Max Cardoso, Ricardo Franco
Illustration: Lais Lerner
Photography: Duda Bussolin (Moropolo Studio)
Retouch: Carlo Barros
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