Mercado Paralelo
Branding: Strategy, Naming, Visual Identity, Graphic Design, Wayfinding Design
Porto Alegre/RS — Brasil
Copyright © 2021
​​​​​​​Brasil Design Awards, 2022
Graphic Design / Brand Design  Silver
Mercado Paralelo emerged from the desire to create an alternative to the usual way of consuming and experiencing gastronomy. From this premise, the branding work explores the parallel concept within the imaginary of a "new point of view". In the visual, there is a break with the normative, "parallel lines" create a three-dimensional layout, like a parallel universe, bringing new worlds behind the basic concept. The project provokes a look from another angle; it brings a new concept to the city, but at the same time it nods to the past, referring to old markets that offered different options to the community all in one space. The place materializes in an old open-mall of the city, being now seen in a different way and with a new life, bringing several graphic interactions that transpose the audience to the central concept of the project.
Creative Director: Felipe B. Amaral
Strategy Director: Natália Athayde Porto
Strategy Team: Bianca Groff, Luiza Protas
Naming: Felipe B. Amaral, Natália Athayde Porto
Design Team: Bianca Groff, Pedro Kaiser, Ricardo Franco
Typography: Fabio Haag Type
Motion: Renan Stein, Ricardo Franco
3D: Ricardo Franco
Photography: Ricardo Jaeger, Roberta Gewehr
Architecture: Mottin Beck Arquitetura
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