​​​​​​​Visual Identity & Graphic Design
Montenegro/RS — Brasil 

The company's administrator decided to nominate Lummertz in honor of her grandmother. It couldn't sound better! The dream of opening her own business is a family legacy, since her parents own another company in the same industry: urban cleaning and garbage removal. With a modern thinking, Lummertz bets on improving the services provided through the principles of sustainability and transformation, implementing innovative ideas to achieve prominence in a commonly traditional business area.

After market and target audience research, the following concepts were established: cleanliness, organization, care, sustainability and collectivity. In addition, to convey the company's philosophy through its visual identity, the word that guided the creative process was "modernity". The briefing asked for a difference in relation to the visual representations that are so traditional in this service sector.
The symbol that makes up the brand's logo is a composition of four units, which represent the community and the 4R's of sustainability: rethinking, reducing, reusing and recycling. With a square construction with rounded corners, the symbol also refers to a leaf, alluding to nature. Also, it is possible to notice the letters "L" and "T", by Lummertz Transportes (corporate name).

The gradient that fill the units has a triple conceptual function: the most subtle and least noticeable, of something being "cleaned"; transmitting the modernity of the brand, since other more traditional brands do not have it and, finally, the representation of the cycle of consumer goods, which are produced, marketed, used and discarded.
The gradient has the same color at the beginning and at the end, with the initial opacity 0% and the final 100%. The midpoint is located at 35%. Thinking of logo applications where this version of the symbol (which is the main one) could not be used, for example in embroidery, a completely filled variation was developed.​​​​​​​​​​​
Design Team: Rafael Reis, Ricardo Franco
Motion: Ricardo Franco
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