Espaço Força e Luz
Branding: Strategy, Verbal Universe, Naming, Visual Identity, Graphic Design, Wayfinding Design
Porto Alegre/RS — Brasil

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​​​​​​​Brasil Design Awards, 2022
Graphic Design / Brand Design  Bronze
A rebranding project to the old "Centro Cultural CEEE Erico Verissimo", whose conception was based on the Força e Luz Building itself, from which all the inspirations for the work emerged, found in its historical baggage and in its architecture. The result provides the place with an authentic and strong positioning parallel to a new identity that generates homogeneity among the institutions present in the building (Electricity Museum and Erico Verissimo Memorial) and allows for easy identification of the public. In the cultural context of the project, it is possible to bring a phrase from Erico Verissimo: "We need to give a human meaning to our constructions". And it was exactly along this line that the project unfolded, bringing meaning to each decision made, from the construction of the positioning to each element present in the visual identity. The project boils down to a reinterpretation of the classic – it brings the modern, but essentially carries the historical and cultural baggage of the space.
Creative Director: Felipe B. Amaral
Strategy Director: Natália Athayde Porto
Strategy Team: Gabriela Chrusciel, Leonardo da Rocha
Verbal Universe: Natália Athayde Porto, Leonardo da Rocha
Design Team: Camila Sanzi, Maria Laura Pereira
Typography: Plau Design
Video: Isadora Aquini, Pedro Bonin
Motion: Ricardo Franco
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